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Healthcare professionals work in a uniquely challenging industry. You are asked to provide excellent patient care on long shifts while recalling an enormous amount of medical information that is continually changing with new technologies and breakthroughs.

Now add the stress of traveling to that list.

Travelers are a special type of professional because you have to do all of above while embracing the chaos of life on the road. It’s a monumental challenge, but a necessary one, because you are the ones who step in to make sure no patient goes without the care they need.

All The Info In One Place

To help out, we’ve created this community specifically for the healthcare traveler, and much of the information is provided by healthcare travelers. We want to keep the information readily available at your fingertips.

The idea for this site came from industry insiders who wanted to provide a place for travelers to easily access all the information they need to stay informed in one location. 

This is also a place for healthcare facilities and staffing agencies because they will be able to learn about what issues are affecting travelers every day.

How We Help You

Our goal is to inform, equip and inspire you.

We will inform you by providing news and information that directly affects the traveler.

  • Major industry trends
  • Highest paying jobs
  • Job market insights
  •  Breaking news reports
  • Impactful healthcare legislation

We will equip you with content you can use to expand your expertise.

  • Videos from industry experts
  • Tools to search for new and high paying job opportunities
  • Interactive guides and resources to stay up-to-date on compliance, licensing, continuing education, hospital strikes, and certifications
  • Databases of top travel agencies and traveler-friendly hospitals evaluated by active travelers

We hope to inspire you on the road.

  • Read stories by travelers, for travelers.
  • Share photos from the facilities you work at or the cool sites you see while traveling.
  • Finding stories about travelers and healthcare professionals who are forging new paths and tackling the tough issues in healthcare.

Tell Us What You Want

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